Monday, December 14, 2009

B309 Goéland argenté.

Condition de capture : bagué poussin
Lâcher le : 24/07/2009 à : HAVRE (Le) 49°2 N 00°0 E
Bague couleur : B309

14-déc-09 LE PORTEL.Pas-de-Calais. France J-M.SAUVAGE
01-oct-10 Boulogne sur mer.Pas de calais.Fr JMS.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Herring Gull - GREEN [AB97] / white

Herring Gull, adult G[AB97]

September 25, 2009, Waste dump Barneveld, The Netherlands. Larus argentatus, winter plumage.

Ring info:Ringed July 1, 2001, Germany.
Only the fourth reported sighting of this gull, the first since 2003.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Herring Gull - WHITE [wingtag 4]

Larus argentatus wingtag W-4

Photo: by birdaddict, 27.03.2009, Barneveld waste dump, The Netherlands.
Ringed Germany. Datteln, Zentraldeponie. 19-1-1999

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Common Gull - WHITE, M[Gdansk FN 04302] / Blue, Red, Blue

Common Gull, 15cy, White, M[Gdansk FN 04302]/Blue, Red, Blue

Common gull (Larus canus), 15th calendar year
Warmond, Zwanengat, The Netherlands, Februari 21, 2009. White, M[Gdansk FN 04302]/Blue, Red, Blue. Adult Common Gull in full winter (basic) plumage. This bird was observed breeding in Poland in 1999 and 2000, but in 2006 it was observed breeding in Germany. Considering the high breeding site fidelity for Common Gulls, this is very unusual.
(Ring info: ringed May 24, 1995, near village of Kobylnica, Poland. Age: pullus.)

Stormmeeuw (Larus canus), 15de kalenderjaar
Zwanengat, Warmond, 21 februari 2009. Wit, M[Gdansk FN 04302]/Blaauw, Rood, Blaauw. Adulte Stormmeeuw in volledig winterkleed. Dit individu is in 1999 en 2000 broedend waargenomen in Polen, maar in 2006 in Duitsland. Gezien Stormmeeuwen erg plaatstrouw aan het broedgebied is dit gedrag erg ongebruikelijk te noemen.
(Ring datum: 24 mei 1999, nabij Kobylnica, Polen. Leeftijd: pullus.