Saturday, January 1, 2000

Herring Gull Colourringprojects with a RED ring

Red ring with white code (mainly on right tibia).

Roland-Jan Buijs, Philips van Dorpstraat 49, NL-4698 RV Oud-Vossemeer, The Netherlands.
Tel.: +31-(0)-166-61.73.70.
Mobile : +31-(0) 6-18672392
E-mail: or

Note: rings are 1,8cm. in height and re placed above the knee (on the tibia) for better observation results in the colony (high vegetation) and on rubbish-dumps.
Note: the position of the metal ring can be left tibia or left tarsus.

Red ring (on left tarsus) with white code (3 or 4 letters) and metal ring (on right tarsus).

Landguard Bird Observatory, Mike Marsh, 7 Deben Way, Felixstowe, Suffolk IP11 2NS, United Kingdom.
E-mail: or

Note 1 : only letters are used on our rings, numbers are not used
Note 2 : the following letters have not been used:- E, G, I, M, O, Q .
Note 3: on the 4 letter codes there is a check spot between two of the letters
Note 4: most rings are fitted so that the code reads from bottom upwards

Red ring with white code (Hxxx) and (Helgoland) metal ring (on other leg), allways “H” at beginning.

Dr. Sönke Martens, Carl Gördelerweg 16, D-25524 Itzehoe, Germany.
e-mail :
note 1 : xxx stands for numbers and letters.
note 2 : examples are H99X, H123, HA67, HX43, H789, H23A
note 3 : rings are to be read from bottom to top, most rings have a “checkpoint”.
note 4 : birds are ringed at Schleswig- Holstein.
note 6 : some rings are used at Lesser Black-backed Gulls, see this species.
note 3 : most rings are used on LBB Gulls, see this species.

Dark-red ring with code Cnnnx (where n is a number and x a letter).

Ringing Centre, Finnish Museum of Natural History, Zoological Museum, P.O. Box 17, University of Helsinki, FIN-00014 Helsinki, Finland.
tel.: +358-9-191.28.847 or +358-9-191-28.848.
e-mail :
website :

note 1: 450 rings were used only during 1998 for fledglings for age identification studies. That colour shall not be in use anymore in Finland.

Red ring with white code.

Belarus Bird Ringing Centre. att. Tatiana Pavlushchick,
e-mail :

note 1: used codes are K701-800 (for 1999) ; K801-900 (for 2000) ; K901-000 (for 2001) ; KA01-00 (for 2002-03) ; KH01-00 (91 rings used in 2003 ) ; KE01-00 (only three rings were used in 2003) ; KE00-KE99 (are in use since 2005) and KN00-KN99 (since 2006).
note 2 : birds are ringed by Nikolai Yakovets.


Red ring (on right tarsus) with white code (letter P and 3 numbers).

Gdansk Ornithological Station, ul. Nadwislanska 108, 80-680 Gdansk 40, Poland.

tel./fax.: +48-58-308-07-59.


note 1: used code is: P001-P650.